TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members, teams of all sizes and shapes and from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Lack of agreement on common strategy, lack of coherent corporate values, lack of commitment


  • Meaningfulness: What is the purpose of having a purpose?
  • Values and self-concept: What do we stand for?
  • Goals and vision: What are our (long-term) goals?
  • Strategy and mission: How do we meet these goals?
  • Step-by-step: What specific next steps do we need to take?
  • Attitude and behavior: How do we act to meet our goals?
  • Commitment: How do we achieve shared commitment?
  • METHOD: Customized exercises, feedback, support with implementation


  • Carving out shared values and goals (‘The Why’)
  • Carving out a shared, all-encompassing strategy (‘The How’)
  • More success through meaning and inspiration