TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members, teams of all sizes and shapes and from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Fear of change, insecurity about one’s role in change processes, vague communication, lack of motivation


  • Comprehension: How and why change affects us.
  • Attitude and mindset: How do I become actively involved in the transformation?
  • Reflection and role: How will my role change?
  • Orientation and security: How do we create security in times of change?
  • Collaboration: How do I move from silo mentality to cross-functional work?
  • Communication: How do we communicate and tell when changes are coming up?
  • Tools: How to resolve emergencies and sudden events?
  • Motivation: How do we find purpose during the transformation?
  • METHOD: Impulses, exercises, tricks and methods, support with implementation


  • Understanding the need for change and transformation, understanding the opportunities
  • Carving out new ways of collaborating and communicating
  • Knowledge of methods and tools