TARGET GROUP: Teams of all shapes and sizes from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Tensions in new or established teams, lack of understanding and appreciation, decreasing performance


  • Getting to know each other: How can differences enrich our team?
  • Expectations and wishes: How do expectations influence our work?
  • Growth and trust: What is the foundation of good teamwork?
  • Goals: What does it take for everyone to work toward a common goal?
  • Attitude and behavior: How do we get everyone to commit?
  • Tasks and responsibilities: How do we assign them clearly?
  • Rules: What rules govern an appreciative community?
  • Communication and feedback: What communication style suits us best?
  • METHOD: Team exercises, feedback, team building (Brain Box, Drone Ball, etc.)


  • Growth as a team, mutual trust
  • Enhanced empathy and understanding
  • Optimal performance
    based on clear shared understanding of
    …and communication