TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members; everyone interested in working on their communication skills

PAIN POINTS: Failure to convincingly communicate one’s ideas; misunderstandings; messages don’t reach their audience


  • Profiling: How do I evaluate and adequately address my listeners?
  • Constructive communication: How to persuade someone with emotional intelligence.
  • Mood and emotion: Meeting interests, generating emotion.
  • Preparing the conversation: What is the goal, and what is the suitable structure?
  • Guiding the conversation: Actively designing the conversation.
  • Misunderstandings: How do they arise? How can they be prevented?
  • Core messages: How do I get my messages to the point?
  • Congruence: How do I unify content, voice, and body language?
  • METHOD: Practical exercises, camera feedback, hints and tricks, personal toolbox


  • Target-oriented conversations based on empathy and structure
  • Avoiding misunderstandings through emotional intelligence
  • Authentic communication through congruence and coherence