TARGET GROUP: People who want to work on their stage presence and captivate their target audiences with the power of stories

PAIN POINTS: Problems conveying complex content, speeches lack suspense and dramatic structure, no emotional connection with the audience


  • Overview: The effect of storytelling on stage presence.
  • Elements of a story: What does it take to tell a good story?
  • Methods: What methods are there, and which method fits me and the occasion?
  • Stylistic devices: How do I translate complex material into images and stories?
  • Dramatic structure and arc of suspense:How do I captivate my audience?
  • Congruence: How do I unify content, voice, and body language?
  • Mood: How do I evoke emotions in my audience?
  • METHOD: Practical exercises, camera feedback, hints and tricks, personal toolbox


  • Emotional connection with the audience through stories
  • Captivating listeners; communicating complex content with simplicity and clarity
  • Improving presentation style and rhetorical abilities