TARGET GROUP: Sales representatives, sales teams of all shapes and sizes from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Insecurities in dealing with client, lack of trust in customer relationships, lack of confidence in negotiations


  • Empathy and perspective switch: What do my clients really want and need?
  • Communication: How to recognize customer wishes and needs.
  • Flexibility: How do I stay future-oriented, creative and proactive?
  • Customer information: Where do I get it? How do I use it?
  • Personality types: What do the different types reveal? How do I use this information?
  • Body language: How do I use body language deliberately?
  • Negotiation: How do I keep confidently in charge of the conversation?
  • Customer relations: How do I keep up positive relationships with my clients?
  • METHOD: Practical exercises, feedback, support with implementation


  • Seeing the world through the client’s eyes
  • Confidence in sales and customer relations
  • Understanding the importance of one’s presence and appearance: Trust as a basis of sales