TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members; employees of press and PR departments; persons of public interest

PAIN POINTS: Insecurities in dealing with journalists, lack of experience with interview situations, lack of confidence in dealing with critical questions


  • Media representatives: Typology and how to approach target representatives
  • Preparation: What do I need to pay attention to (target group, occasion, appearance, etc.)?
  • Core messages: How do I get my message to the point?
  • Body language: To what degree can I use it intentionally (gestures, gaze, etc.)?
  • Designing the conversation: How can I direct interviews along my ideas?
  • Mood: What can I do to inspire, stir up awareness, and spread information?
  • Critical situations: How do I counter critical questions?
  • METHOD: Practical exercises, camera feedback, hints and tricks, personal toolbox


  • Preparation for specific interview appointments, press conferences, etc.
  • Confidence in dealing with media and the public
  • Directing public corporate identity perceptions