TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members; employees on their way to leadership positions

PAIN POINTS: Insecurities about one’s leadership style, lack of orientation in a (new) leadership role, uninspired employees


  • Individualized content: What are my development needs?
  • Role: What is my (new) role as a leader?
  • Leadership style: How do I set up my very own authentic leadership style?
  • Interaction: How do I inspire, enable, and engage my colleagues?
  • Situational awareness: How do I adapt my leadership to the situation at hand?
  • Communication: Giving inspiring and motivating feedback.
  • Sense and meaning: Negotiating personal values and workplace values.
  • METHOD: Solution-centered conversations, exercises, help with implementation


  • Becoming a coach, partner, and leader: Establishing an understanding of egalitarian leadership
  • Developing an authentic leadership style
  • Customized content (e.g. motivating employees, professional development, etc.)