TARGET GROUP: Teams and departments of all sizes and shapes and from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Inconsistent understanding of goals, lack of shared behavior expectations, lack of clearly structured work processes


  • Structure: Are we properly organized for working on our tasks?
  • Targets: Are we all working toward the same targets?
  • Tasks and responsibilities: Are our tasks efficiently assigned?
  • Boundaries: What sets us apart from other departments?
  • Culture: How do we want to interact?
  • Attitude and behavior: What attitudes and behaviors are important to us?
  • Self-concept: What is our shared self-perception?
  • Communication and feedback: What communication style suits us best?
  • METHOD: Customized exercises, feedback, support with implementation


  • Optimized work processes and optimized orientation through clear structures
  • Strength and power through shared understanding
  • Enhanced workplace satisfaction through coherent behavior expectations