TARGET GROUP: People on their way to a new professional or personal milestone

PAIN POINTS: Unclear development goals, difficulty in reflecting on one’s actions and in analyzing one’s potentials, general insecurity


  • Wishes and expectations: What are my wishes and expectations?
  • Values: What beliefs and values drive my wishes and expectations?
  • Analyzing my situation: What is going on right now?
  • Analyzing my goals: What specific goals follow from my current situation?
  • Plotting the way: What steps will help me reach my goals?
  • Strengths and potential: What strengths will help me on the way?
  • Strategies: What strategies will I use to pursue my goals independently?
  • METHOD: Solution-centered conversations, exercises, help with implementation


  • Enhanced self-assurance and confidence through reflection
  • Recognizing one’s potential
  • Developing individualized steps for working toward one’s goals