TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members; anyone interested in working on their stage confidence

PAIN POINTS: Insecurity and stage fright before presentations and appearances, lack of presence, body language and facial expressions


  • Overview: What are the important elements in appearance, charisma, and presence?
  • Handling stress: How do I take charge of stage fright?
  • Body & voice: How to use body and voice.
  • Congruence: How do I unite content, voice, and body language?
  • Dramatic structure & arc of suspense: How do I captivate my audience?
  • Reflection: Do others perceive me as I perceive myself?
  • Critical situations: How do I confidently handle critical situations?
  • METHOD: Practical exercises, camera feedback, hints and tricks, personal toolbox


  • Confident presence in front of audiences, including one’s own team, job interviews, and everyday situations
  • Confident handling of stress and nervousness
  • Developing a realistic sense of self-perception and perception by other