TARGET GROUP: Executives and board members, teams of all sizes and shapes and from all business sectors

PAIN POINTS: Silo mentality, insecurity about New Work, lack of speed and efficiency, little independence given to employees


  • Comprehension: The story behind New Work.
  • Culture and values: What values underlie agile work?
  • Structures: What does it take to think and work independently?
  • Rules: What rules need to govern this type of collaboration?
  • Agile work methods: What specific methods can help me?
  • Communication: How do we achieve transparent communication?
  • METHOD: Agile methods (Design Thinking, Scrum, delegating work), exercises, support with implementation


  • Carving out the new culture and structures
  • Developing clear rules for collaboration
  • Knowledge about agile methods and tools
  • Shared understanding and positive attitude within the team