Our trainings can be deemed as interactive programmes, filled with comprehensive knowledge and quickly and easily actionable insights as well as practical exercises.

Effectively and sursprisingly easily the learnt knowledge can be applied into everyday life. A short theoretical slot at the beginning is as much part of the training as the following practise. By using several methods (e.g. Learntainment®) the imparted thematic contents can be transferred into readjusted working situations which are closely related to real incidents. The aim is to receive stable signs of adaption in the long-term and to equip you with the right tools, with which you can repeatingly introspect yourself and feel safe.


Within a Germany-wide roadshow Stage Academy trained and coached our executives in relation to presence and personal effect. All participants gave consistent positive feedback. The trainers and coaches could manage to captivate and motivate the participants by their open and engaging way. Through various practical exercises the learnt knowledge could be transferred into working life effectively.

Individual peformance as well as dramatic composition of different apperances were taken into account.

We are looking forward to realising new projects with this professional agency.

Alexandra Hahn


Bosch Security Systems GmbH, Grasbrunn