Trainers & Coaches

More than 50 trainers and coaches certified and qualified – nationwide, worldwide, multilingual

As a training- and coaching agency Stage Academy cooperates with more than 50 best educated trainer and coaches worldwide and across all industries. If actor, moderator, presence, communication, personality, executives or sales trainers – we have the respective person for your individual needs. Convince yourself. Here you get an insight into our trainers database:

Andrea Nowak
Communication, NLP, Coach

Dominik Schott
Communication, Dale Carnegie Trainer, speaker, host, compère

Walther Girisch

Sales- and communication-trainer, NLP Master

Alexander Wörlsinger
Leadership- and communication-trainer

Sandra Korb
Trainer & Coach, Vertriebstrainerin

Julia Kohlmann

Team development, executive development, trainer, consultant, coach, sales trainings

Hans Kerschbaumer

Michael Sametinger

Dagmar D’Alessio
Trainer & coach, moderator, communication trainer, sales, negotiation

Jochen Sattler
Personal branding, Führungs­kräfte­coach, Kommuni­kations­trainer

Rüdiger Hahnkow
Communication, NLP., coach, sales

Mira Koppert

Training and training development, product & sales, consultant and guide

Karsten Stölzgen

Trainer & Business coach, communication trainer, Dale Carnegie trainer

Sebastian Höffner
Communication trainer, host, TV presenter

Veronika Völler
Trainer & coach, systemic consultant

Kerstin Kruse
Trainer & coach, mediator, sales trainer

Frank Behnke
Trainer & coach, actor

Silvia Pitz
Coach , mediator, consultant, NLP-practioner

Catrin Müller
Trainer, media- and presentation trainer, dubbing artist, author

Martin Cambeis
Trainer, actor for improvisation theatre, artist, film director

Max Schradin
Communication trainer, host, TV presenter

Stefan Lincke
Trainer, film director

Stefan Evertz

Communication trainer, actor

Elke Werner

Health- and stress management, work-life-balance, self organisation