Stage Academy – Our Philosophy

Stage Academy was founded in 2000 initially as a casting agency. Parallel to this, trainer and founder Arne Stoermer was coaching friends and acquaintances on presenting, effect and presence (on camera as well) and in communication and managerial skills. Based on the premise that thoughts and behaviour influence success in the soft skills sector, Arne Stoermer developed his own methods to integrate this knowledge into his training sessions. The way to founding Stage Academy as training and coaching academy had been paved.

Stage Academy’s Conviction
Acquiring inner confidence and innate motivation is at the forefront of all Stage Academy’s training sessions und coachings. This is achieved through motivation, positive feedback and boosting personal soft skills. The realisation that learning is fun and should result from a good mood was key to developing the Learntainment® and Learnrotation® methods.

Today: Leadership, Change, Communication
Stage Academy’s current issues are: leadership, change management and communication. We do not tell you how to do something, rather we help you gain self-confidence and to exude the resulting assuredness. You are able to express yourself better and appear more confident among colleagues, executives, etc. and this helps you master your professional and everyday tasks creatively and with pleasure.

Emotions are key to success
Emotions are decisive. What do we feel? What makes sense? When these questions are answered, we can strengthen every person in the sector using soft skills. Social competence and emotional intelligence form the basis of all hard facts e.g. structures, processes, figures, results.

Success with Professionals
Stage Academy can always find the best person among a vast portfolio of trainers und coaches for varied customer demands. The trainers have different focuses and further education making them professionals in their field and thus guarantee Stage Academy’s sustainable training sessions und coachings.