Selling properly! The psychology of selling

This speech is about changing perspectives.

Sellers become prosulters and consumers become prosumers. As a good prosulter you quickly regocnize the needs of your customers. If they are not clearly recognisable we teach you how to indirectly ask for them. The main focus lays on putting emphasis on benefit and additional value for the customers. In this uncomplicated way you can influence them and lead them directly to the way to a purchase decision without straightly advertising the product. In the future you will notice that your customer hardly can’t decide against the purchase.

Innovative and inspiring: this is how our speaker transmits methods and procedures from sales planning to sales talk. In this speech also the importance of building a relationship between you and your customer is pointed out. Try it in your everyday life and you will recognize that it works and your sales figures shoot up.

A possibility to deepen this vital topic is to participate in our concept „From Sales Representative to Relationship Manager“.


  • Develop sales processes proactively
  • Dare to really change perspectives
  • New impulses for a successful handling of customers

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