Selling and negotiating successfully

Do you already know the question to the answer why customers should buy solely your product?

Because after our training you will be able to perspectively impart them how your product can be proftitably used in their world.

We also give you an understanding of negotiating at eye level. Your customer will become your appreciated partner.

Emotions are playing a big role. Only those who understand their customers and know how to emotionally effect them, will  increase his success in a long term.

With Stage Academy you learn the skills how to regognize customer’s needs, to create new needs and to erringly steer them by the use of special communication techniques.

Of course also challenges belong to the contents of a selling and negotiating training. Situations outside of your comfort zone and their handlings will be an important training part.

We especially put emphasis on the practical relevance. We actively face your own examples from your working life. The greatest possible learning effect is achieved and you are well prepared for any kind of encounter with your customer. Feel safe and empowered and increase your sales success. Be sure, that we have the latest findings at hand even if you already have much experience in sales.


  • Understanding and profiting from the customers‘ world
  • Causing clear purchasing decisions
  • Long-term increase of sales figures

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