IBW – Interactive Brand World

The best possibility to discover a brand is to experience it.

This concept aims to all employees and partners who work with brands, either in sales, marketing, as a promoter or in product management.

In an Interactive Brand World you don’t only hear the theoretical core elements, but you experience the brands‘ world with all your senses and interact with it. Different so called  „immersion rooms“ provide for diversity based on the Learnrotation® concept. You learn interesting facts about the brands‘ history, campaigns and contents and experience on your own why the brand inspires. Playfully you receive information and thereby content can be internalized easily and sustainably. When you experience something you internalize the facts far more efficiently than if you would listen to a speech or read an information sheet.

Thereby your point of view and your inner attitude towards your brand changes and you can explain it more persuasive and with a sounded know-how to your customers. If you are on fire you can ignite a fire in your counterpart.

Your employees and partners become brand ambassadors who stand behind the brand and will behave more confidently and more convincing in customer talks than ever before.


  • Create enthusiasm for the brand and develop brand ambassadors
  • Sustainable mediation of know-how through interaction with the brand
  • Convincing and sovereign association with customers

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