Friendly Faces – Constant Service Competence

We want both your employees and your customers should enjoy being with you! For your employee it is indipensable to feel like they are in charge oft he situation, he needs safety and sovereignity to conduct an open dialoge with the customer (also on the phine).

After a needs analysis we set the focus on body language and appearance, communication and dialogue, inner attitude towards customers and situations and success oriented sales.

In so called immersion rooms (rooms in which people experience an interactive training) the trainers use the Learntainment®-Method to motivate the participants, to inspire and ti onvolve them. „Service is fun and brings added value“ is our motto.

Your customers and also the employees will appreciate the newly developed communication skills and the service competence which was increased by these skills.

The participants will be able to approach the customer solution-oriented and resolve complex circumstances with imaginativeness and composure.

This concept is very dynamic. Afterwards people also like to integrate it into their working life by attending a „Shadowing“ ( see Methods on page 38).

The great advantage is the direct feedback, which arises from real situations.


  • Lead sales and service talks in direct or telephonic contact in a positive way
  • Create customer enthusiasm through a new understanding of service
  • Generate additional services and sales

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