Business Drop-In

Individual, more individual, the most individual…

… are our one-to-one coachings. Often your needs are so special that it is impossible to coach you together with other colleagues. We want you to get the highest attention which is important for your development. This is why we do a one or two hour training with YOU.

What matters is only you and your further development! You have our undivided interest. We pay special attention to the improvement of your skills already existing and mutually we apply the precedent feedback. Our credo is: compact, flexible, intensive!

Our coach does not offer pre-formulated, general solutions but guides you on your own path to the next step forward. A Business Drop-In is a time-saving and repeatable possibility to support you in a very special way.

The Drop-Ins take place on-location in your company. Don’t worry about long journeys and travel planning, just open the door.


  • Focussed personality strengthening
  • No long interruptions of working processes through short sessions at the workplace
  • Efficiency and appreciation by the company towards the participant

Für mehr Informationen laden Sie sich gerne das Info-PDF dazu herunter.